Mobile Daily Devotional by Month

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All the mobile daily devotions listed by month in a one place for downloading to your mobile phone.

Mobile Devotionals for January

Mobile Devotionals for February

Mobile Devotionals for March

Mobile Devotionals for April

Mobile Devotionals for May

Mobile Devotionals for June

Mobile Devotionals for July

Mobile Devotionals for August

Mobile Devotionals for September

Mobile Devotionals for October

Mobile Devotionals for November

Mobile Devotionals for December

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25 thoughts on “Mobile Daily Devotional by Month

  1. Indeed, the LORD will surely bless and reward you abundantly for your good work that can not be bought by any one. God bless you.

  2. I’m so happy that I came across your website(I’m a new user).May God continue to shower His unlimited Blessings on you.Not only are your guides enriching, you also made it to be downloadable and free. May God give you the means to continue this wonderful work you’re doing, in Jesus’ name, Amen. Remain Blessed!!

  3. I’ve been reading these devotionals into my mobile phone since 2010, and it helps me a lot especially when I’m having hardships. To the author, in behalf of the Filipino people, thank you very much. Keep it up! GOD SPEED!

    • Hi Joey, Thanks for your feedback. It’s a great encouragement to know the mobile devotionals are blessing people around the world.

  4. Am so Greatful for your work it Really shaping my Christian life. The nov 30th change my perspective Responsibilities than rights tanks

    • Hi Nana, PTL. It’s wonderful to hear testimonies about how the monthly devotionals have blessed people from around the world.

  5. Its wonderful reading your books. It speaks directly to me. Pls i want to know how i can download other years i only have 2008 edition

  6. Your work really make me to be very useful in His Service!
    Not only for me but all of my members too!
    May God Bless You and Your Ministry!
    With Sincere In Him
    Samuel Soe Lwin
    Yangon, Myanmar.

  7. This website is the best for every Christian, it has really be a blessing 2 me and my other Christian and non-christians as well. God bless u

  8. We may not be able 2 bless u much. But I knw as He has said dt “He that waters shall be watered” so shall it be for you. Amen

  9. The Lord will continue to bless these projects, divine wisdom will continue abide in you. This apps is just ecxellent and the devotionals are just wonderful it seems they are tailor made for me. God bless you.

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