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  1. Hi Victor, many thanks for the wonderful mobile devotions. Recently i have changed my mobile phone, wondering how can I receive all daily devotional files to my new Samsung Galaxy S I9000, dont seem to be able to read jar file? I miss those file….thanks alot.

  2. Hi Victor, after i installed the app runner, it show two folder on the galaxy menu 1. App explorer 2. App Manager. My jar files is save inside my exeternal SD card but when i open i still cant read. Do i need to move the files to any folder or do i need to convert the file first to apk file ? Sorry, need your guidance on this, am not very good at IT. Thanks alot

    • Hi Grace, I haven’t used Netmite App Runner for a while. Can’t remember the steps to get things working. If I do try it again, I will let you know the steps. You could write to Netmite Support at support@netmite.com and get help.

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