Download NET Bible for Your Mobile Phone

I have uploaded a copy of the NET Bible for mobile phone to The mobile GoBible NET Bible was originally available for download at, but that site is no longer hosting the file.

Get GoBibleNET.jar at

If you’re looking for other versions of the Bible for your handphone, you can check out the GoBible forum. There are discussions on how to install the GoBible on various phone models and also on the different Bible translations and languages available. The GoBible translations available are usually public domain versions of the Bible, so there are no official NIV.jar, NKJV.jar, NASB.jar, ESV.jar, TNIV.jar or NLT.jar available for free download.

15 thoughts on “Download NET Bible for Your Mobile Phone

  1. it is my daily inspiration.. whenever im bored or tired.. i manage to read some of the texts.. proceed with my prayers and it energizes me.. thank you!

  2. I just started to check out NET bible version. After reading some information about this version, i think this is a good translation.

    Thank you very much.
    God bless ya!

  3. You can get the NET Bible as a free download for pc, cell phones, Iphone, android and bible study programs off our page. You can read it on line at This is a trustworthy Modern bible with over 60,000 footnotes. It is the only bible where the translators explain why they picked the English words they did.. Read it, Buy a leather copy of it and see the over 17,000 bible study articles on
    God Bless
    David Austin exec director

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