How To Get a Printed Copy of Our Daily Bread?

This short article is a response to the frequent inquiries on how to get the printed copy of Our Daily Bread. Our Daily Bread is published by RBC Ministries. To request for the printed copy of Our Daily Bread, click on either of the links below depending on where you are from:

This website, Mobile Daily Devotional aka is not affiliated with the publisher of Our Daily Bread.

You can also contact RBC Ministries at:

RBC Ministries
PO Box 2222
Grand Rapids,
MI 49501
(616) 974-2210

or in Canada write to:

RBC Ministries
PO Box 1622
Windsor, ON
N9A 6Z7
(519) 979-1073

Note: Please direct all Our Daily Bread booklets requests to RBC Ministries using the links or contact information above. Hope this helps.

35 thoughts on “How To Get a Printed Copy of Our Daily Bread?

  1. how can i get about 20 copies of our daily bread every three months they are so hard to get i would like to give a donation also. thank you god bless

  2. I picked up a copy of our daily bread at the public library. I had never really read it before and found it quite interesting. I found that I could not lay it down… It was like nothing else I have ever experienced my entire life.

  3. I would like to order the Our Daily Bread for my church and friends. I would like to order about 20 each quarter or monthly. My address is 830 Glenshire Ct Riverdale Ga 30274
    Thank you

  4. I receive your Daily Bread daily through the internet but my friend in Dayton, Ohio does not wish to order online; prefers to call to place her order; recd a gift when she was in hip replacment rehab but this issue has not continued. Can you assist me in giving her the necessry information? Thank you! and many blessings, Norma Liles

  5. I group with six fellow christians every Saturday morning at a coffee house in Peoria IL. How can I receive eight copies of “Our Daily Bread?” I also would like to give a donation.

  6. how much are your subscriptions

    Victor: You may contact RBC Ministries for subscription information. does not provide any subscription service for RBC Ministries. If you’re looking for mobile devotional, you can always try out the downloads available for free at

  7. I would like to receive the monthly copies of Our Daily Bread booklets. Please let me know how/where I can do this. It is important that my husband and I get started in reading God scripture every day. We are 70 and 83 years old. We belong to Hillsdale Boulevard Baptist Church in Sacramento CA and both are believers and born-again Christians.

    Victor: You can make an order online at for the Our Daily Bread booklet.

  8. i would like very much to have a copy of daily bread devotional to help me start the day by reading God’s word.

  9. We have been on your mailing list for quit some time but did not recieve the next quarter for our church. Is there something that I need to do to recieve these Daily Bread Devotionals again? They are a blessing to our Ministries.

  10. I have had enormous trouble trying to sign up for “Our Daily Bread” to be sent to my home, I have visited many sites.
    My address is 843 Liberty St. Apt. 1
    Meadville, Pa 16335

  11. I would like to order about 20 plus copies on a quarterly basis for my church. How can I do this and how much will it cost.

  12. Prevously I was recieving 50 copies of the daily bread. I did not recieve any this quarter. What must I do to recieve this daily devotional. It is a great tool for our small congregation.

  13. I would love to recieve a copy of the Daily Bread Devotional. We all need a closer walk with the savior. I really like a copy to encourage myself by starting out the day by reading God’s word.

  14. I would love to get Our Daily Bread, I had been receiving the book then it stopped, Tell me how to continue to receive it. I enjoy reading it every morning before I go to school. I am a teacher with special needs children and the book gives me strength every day. Could I ask how can I get on a prayer list, I love God and I try so hard to be faithful, my family and I are going through some very rough times and I just feel so alone. I need people to pray for me. Thank you Paige

  15. How can I receive 30 copies or more for my church, is it free
    of charge if not what does it cost and how can I place an order
    either way; As soon As Possible?
    My address is 323 Smith Street, Newark, NJ 07106

  16. I would like to have a copy of Our Daily Bread for my family and i to read every morning. We would read it before school and work. Thank you and God bless.

  17. Thank you, for this opportunity to conntact you, before I was recieving “Our Daily Bread” but I have moved from the State of Nevada to LA, and is been 1/12 year. So can you please send me a copy and I’appreceated

  18. I have always enjoyed reading “Our Daily Bread”,but have never had my own, sent to my home. I would love to receive them in the mail to read and then send to my son who is Incarcerated. He has found our Lord and would also like more reading material. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do to begin receiving these booklets. Thank you and God Bless.

  19. Dear Sir, currenty I’m receiving ODB small printed, can you pls send me the large printed booklet. ODB is very helpful for my entire family. Receiving under my son’s account Kelvinderan Lawrence, 8-3-2 Komplekes Pendidikan Teratai, Gelugor, 11700, Penang, Malaysia. Blessed New Year by obeying God’s Word is our Church goal for this year. Pls consider sir to provide us the large printed copy. May God richly bless you and the whole team, you all are always in my daily prayer.

    Humbly request,
    Mrs.Vicky Lawrence

  20. I am writting to you from Kuwait. Would it be possible for me to receive the “Bible in a year” reading portion on my mobile by SMS. Thanks

  21. Praise the Lord!
    I love reading the daily bread, each day it’s more of God and less of me.

  22. My husband and I are over the Greeters Ministry of our church. We would like to order between 20 & 25 daily bread for our ministry. Please let me know where and how to begin.

    God Bless

    Victor: Hi Lilian, You may contact RBC Ministries directly from the links in the blog post above.

  23. Hello!. I am the Chaplain at Brunswick Women’s Reception/Pre-Release Center at 1147 Planters Road, Lawrenceville, Virginia, 23868. I am trying to get 200 Free Daily Bread and be put on your mailing List.
    Starting with, March-May Devotional Copy.

    Thank you for your assistant in this matter.

    Chaplain Sheila High Squire

    • Hi Sheila, You can contact RBC Ministries, the publisher of Our Daily Bread, at

      RBC Ministries
      PO Box 2222
      Grand Rapids, MI 49501
      (616) 974-2210

      or in Canada write to:

      RBC Ministries
      PO Box 1622
      Windsor, ON N9A 6Z7
      (519) 979-1073

      or by using the contact form at

  24. I sent in a 20.00 donation for Betty Correla 240 Main St, Marlboro Mass 01752, I thought she would receive the booklet Our Daily Bread, in fact, that is what I want for her, she received confirmation of my donation but she would really like the booklet, what needs to be done for her to receive it. Gift received 3/1,2010 please send her the booklet

  25. i would lov for you to send me acopy of yalls daily bread please to 1609 flomich holly hill 32117 daytona beach fla

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