How to Install Java Apps on Your Cell Phone, Mobile Phone or Handphone

How do you usually install the mobile daily devotions on your cell phone?
Do you download them directly into your cell phone from this site?
Do you download them into your PC and then transfer over to your phone?
Do you use a PC to phone cable?

One of the easiest way to install the mobile devotions into your phone is by downloading them from Just use your phone’s web browser to open the link above and click on the links under the Download section.

If you can’t download the mobile devotions to your phone directly then you’ll need to download it to your PC and transfer it to your phone. Installing a java application on your cell phone this way can be quite challenging, especially if you have never done it before. If you can’t install the mobile daily devotions on your phone, you can’t use them. So, for those of you who wants to use the mobile devotions but don’t know how to install them; I’m collecting a list guides and tutorials on this topic from the Internet just for you.

Here are the guides for Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia phones that I’ve found so far.

Sony Ericsson
HowTo: Install Java J2ME midlets on your mobile phone

How to install a Java game or application onto a Sony Ericsson phone.

Guide to transferring files between your PC and Sony Ericsson phone

How To Install Java Apps and Mobile Booklets on Your Sony Ericsson Phone

How to install a free bible on a mobile phone e.g. Sony Ericsson K530i – J2ME MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0

How to install java games & apps on Motorola P2K mobile phones

Comprehensive MIDway Walkthrough/Guide from HowardForums (but with objections from some people in the forum)

How to Install Java Games and Apps via Bluetooth for Motorola V5xx V6xx

For Motorola via data cable

How To Install Java Apps and Mobile Booklets on Your Nokia Phone

How do I install my MIDlet application on LG mobile devices?

This list of guides will be updated as I find new ones online. If you have found a guide on installing java apps for mobile devices, do share it with everyone by posting a comment here. You can also send the link to me (victorgoh at fourteenfloor dot com).

34 thoughts on “How to Install Java Apps on Your Cell Phone, Mobile Phone or Handphone

  1. i am very grateful for your job, on mobile java phones. it is a great help for my christian life. do you have some similar devotions for pocket pc?

    God bless you

  2. I used to convert Our Daily Bread and Global Prayer Digest for the pocket pc and palm pda. The converted e-document can be read using Plucker (Palm PDA) and Vade Mecum (Pocket PC). Since I started with the mobile java apps, I’ve stopped converting the devotions for the Palm and Pocket PCs.

  3. Great ministry and mission! I am a full time international evangelist. Do you have any idea how to make this type of programs work on my new iPhone. I love the idea but can not seem to make them work on my new phone. I really love my new iPhone and use it to read internet devotions from: (Spurgeons Daily – Podcasts – Bible – Verse of the Day) (Bible & SOme Christian Classic Books) (Bible & Notes on Eternity) (verse look up – does not work very well on my phone)

    This is all that is available that is formated or easy to navigate for the iPhone – any website can be read and viewed on the iPhone but these are nice – fast – and smooth for reading and devotions.

    THE PROBLEM is that you have to have an active internet connection to read them or go to them. On a plane – in remote areas – overseas – on missions – you are out of luck.

    Any suggestions – thank you and keep up the GOD WORK.

  4. i have a Nec c228 and when i open java from my menu then my cell tells me that no application have been installed so please tell me how to install Java in my cell fone Nec c228 or e228

    Victor: Anyone with the Nec c228 phone who can help Tahir?

  5. Hi Jiru,

    I haven’t come across the Nokia N99i phone before. Hopefully someone who comes across your comment may be able to help you. Based on the information on the internet, this is actually an official Nokia phone but a product from China.

    You can try to use the web browser on the phone to download the mobile devotional from

  6. please from the list of phones, i can’t find the category of china phones e.g
    TV mobile 2008, iphone etc.
    try to include their setting as well thanks.

  7. Hi… I am Samsung Ultra Touch (S8300) user. How do i install this to it? I’m looking for KJV version / any latest Eng version and cater for touch screen. Got any recommendation?


  8. I tried downloading Go Bible my fone samsung GT-B5722 & have java apps. like games in it. Downloading Go Bible didn’t work. Please, I need your assistance.

  9. how can i install the bible software application onto my phone(Blackberry T900)?Im able to download the free bible download alright but accessing it is difficult,why?

    • Hi omi, I’m not familiar with the blackberry t900, can’t help you there. Maybe someone reading this comment can provide some help.

  10. Hi I am using Lephone T8 model phone and not able to istall java application plz helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. I am using Lephone T8 and not able to download java application so what should i do for installing java games or applications.

  12. mi motorola u9 no quiere reconocer juegos .. dice que faltan algunos componente y no entiendo me pueden ayudar porfa=======>?????

  13. heyo x
    i have a hello kitty hk008, looks like a mini iphone
    how do i download java onto it?
    does anyone know if i can download “liveprofile” onto it.

  14. Thank you for the help, i will do it when i get home. do i have to pay to download this to my cellphone…
    thanks again

  15. Hi Victor,
    i got my bible downloaded to my samsung galaxy s thank you and it is so helpful to have the bible anywhere the thing is when i dont have the internet connection i cannot use the bible… can you help me to find another that i can use even without the internet… many thanks

  16. I’m using a blackberry and I find it impossible help I need jesus to renew my ruined heart please. I’d rather listen to the word of God then to have these suicidal thoughts haunting me! Can anybody just send me direct instructions on how to download! I tried and it shows the downloaded file without any content pls jesus open doors that cannot be shut! Thanx!

  17. hi.. can you pls help me how to download bible in my samsung chat 3353 fone.. i really want it. 🙁 pls and thank you. godbless

  18. hi. would like to ask how to download d java apps on samsung galaxy ace? I’m been subscribing those devo books for years and it does a lot of help. thanks

  19. i using samsung chat c3222 as per the specifications it support midi 2.0 but when i load jar,jad files and installed it showing that the downloaded jar are invalid when i asked this question to the support centre they asked me to install java 2 in the mobile but i dont know how to do all of these please tell..
    I have even increase the java OTA by using *#52828378# then also same problem is shown

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