The Bible for Cell Phone, Mobile Phone and Handphone

If you want a Bible in your cell phone, you can get :

  1. King James Bible from the Go Bible website or
  2. New English Translation Bible from NET Bible for Java Cell Phones on

The KJV Bible is free from copyright restrictions according to the Go Bible About page. The NET Bible is free to download for non-commercial use. There are no official NIV, NASB, NLT or NKJV version of the Go Bible available for download.

Jolon Faichney the creator of the Go Bible has also created a tool named the GoBibleCreator. The function of this tool is to convert Bible texts in ThML and OSIS format into a Go Bible Java application for cell phone. This means that anyone with a version of their favorite Bible translation in ThML or OSIS format can create a Go Bible of their favorite Bible translation. I believe that’s how the Bible in various languages have been converted into a Go Bible Java application.

39 thoughts on “The Bible for Cell Phone, Mobile Phone and Handphone

  1. Thanks for providing this opportunity of having Bibles and devotionals on my cell phone. it is really helping my spiritual life. may the Lord continue to bless and enlarge your ministry

  2. this is what i have been looking for that i can meditate on the Word of God while using my phone. God really moved me to this site. God bless you whoever you are. 0:)

  3. When I changed my mobile handset a few days ago, one of the features I wanted in it was a full Bible and a hymnal, both working off-line. I am glad that I have the Go Bible, going already. I will be helping a few of my friends in installing Go Bible in their mobile handsets. I congratulate Jolon on his good work and my prayer for him is that he should be used greatly by God, for His glory, in many more such projects. God bless you, Jolon.

  4. Thanks, this is really useful. Had been using it since Jan 08… everynight I use this to read God’s Words. What’s more? No need to switch on the light in the bed room!

  5. Re: GO Bible.

    May I ask if there are other sites for free Bibles. I wish to have other versions of the Bible. Olive tree used to work on my mobile but since changing phone, it does not work anymore.
    Really appreciate your kind response.

    Victor: Hi Wong

    What phone model are you using now? I only know of the Go Bible for mobile phones.

  6. Hi, I want to download the Bible into my phone. However, my phone can’t install the jar nor jad at all… my phone is a Samsung M8800H.
    Pls help, thanks!

  7. Please send me a soft copy of the King James Version bible that is compatible to KP500 LG mobile phones

    Victor: You can download the KJV for your mobile phone from Go Bible

  8. Thanks a million you guys for the good work you are doing on this site.
    God richly bless you.May He help you to run over every obstacle on your way to spreading His word.

  9. Thank you so much for doing this java software.. I really need this specially if i dont have my bible on my hands.. keep doing this for our God let worship God with our skills.. thanks a lot guys.. “HONOR GOD, MAKE DISCIPLES!”

  10. I just bought a new Nokia N97 handphone.

    I would like to check is there any free download of NIV bible available for my N97 ?

    If there is, please assist

    A million thanks

    God bless


  11. hi
    pls help me or send me the directions to install the Bible in my Cell phone (samsung corby Pro)

    Thank you
    May the Lord Help you and Protect you (Amen)

  12. it’s a giant leap, from scroll to digital, I think it’s better if bible on phone can provide some preference or index like KJV on PC

  13. hi everyone, i tried to download install using memory card. it installed and opened once. but whenever i try to open again, it now reads “java.lang.ClassCastException” and does not open anymore.

    My phone is sony ericsson spiro.

    Does anyone have an idea and may help me with this?

    A big thanks!

  14. is there still no free niv version for handphone (now it’s nearly june 2011)? i have 3 sony ericssons. am not too tech savvy. my dad’s been looking all around for it

  15. hi..please help me or send me the directions to install the Bible in my mobile phone (CSL G6)..thank you
    God Bless you..

  16. Men and brethren our salvation is closer than ever before. Hell is real. God bles u as u give your life to christ

  17. pls i want to down amplified,tnlt,hcs, niv,nlt bible on my nokia c3.pls help wit mornin devotional too. Pls ao can i go about it.

  18. hello,everyone do you have a NIV bible for mobile phone that contains 1000kb below cause our phone have only 4000kb of memory.that we can’t download higher than 1000kb..thanks you…….

  19. I would really like to have the bible on my phone but I cannot get my browser to download it? Is there anyway the bible can be sent directly to my phone by you or is there a website that will send it directly to my phone?

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