Our Daily Bread

Update: 5th August 2008
Finally! It’s here. You can download the mobile Our Daily Bread from RBC Ministries at http://www.rbc.org/mobile/apps/.

This is the official version of Our Daily Bread Java application for mobile phones from RBC Ministries.

Our Daily Bread Mobile Website

Update: 1st June 2008
RBC Ministries mobile page is up at http://www.rbc.org/mobile.

Our Daily Bread Mobile Website Our Daily Bread Mobile Website
Our Daily Bread Mobile Website Our Daily Bread Cover November 2007

You can still get ODB online at http://www.rbc.org/odb/odb.shtml.
For a mobile device optimized site, go to http://rbc.gospelcom.net/odb/togo/toc.html using your mobile phone’s web browser.

85 thoughts on “Our Daily Bread

  1. you are doing a great job!!! God bless you! Now I can do my daily devotion anywhere with my cellphone on my hand. I appreciate very much what you are doing for all
    Christians around the world especially in countries where the Bible is forbiden. Thank you!

  2. I really appreciate what you are doing on this website. I have the Bible installed on my phone and I love to spend time reading it while in the bus or waiting somewhere since I always have my mobile phone with me. I am happy to be able to download Our Daily Bread. I have a question though. From the part of the world I am from, wap services are either not available or expensive. Will it be possible to send email alerts or notification to interested people for them to know when the next file for ODB is availabe for download? Thanks and God bless.

  3. I have been praying for a site for christian devotion, especially on cell phones, and here is it. Believe it, you are torching many people’s lives. More of this pls as I pray for more grace for you from the Lord.

  4. I want to bless the name of the good Lord for your life.May God continue to bless you.
    I downloaded the July edition of Our Daily Bread from GetJar for my brother’s phone and it has been a source of blessing to him.He now go around studying it everyday.
    I will be grsateful if I can be getting the mobile edition in my e-mail everymonth.
    Thank you.

    From Nigeria.

  5. Hi Samuel, glad to hear that the mobile Our Daily Bread has been a blessing to your brother. Thanks for your suggestion to send out the mobile application by email monthly. There’s no plan to do that at the moment, but you can signup to be notified via email on changes to this website and when new editions of Our Daily Bread is available.

    God bless,

  6. Hi,

    Friends in Christ,

    Its really very good job by you all by enabling us to get Daily Bread direct to our mobile phones.

    One point is, Is it possible to send a selected text or the whole single day devotion to other mobile phones by SMS, as it will be very useful for other people who dont know the Lord.

    (Like KJV Go Bible, where we can send selected verse as SMS)

    May God bless you abundantly.

    Thanking You.


  7. Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for your encouraging comment. Sending selected verses and text by SMS is on the list of things to add to the application. At the moment, I have no idea how to do that yet. Will have to do some research on this.

    Best Regards,

  8. Keep up the good work, bro! Helps me to be more diligent in reading God’s word during less busy times -now I have this on my phone. Is there a mailing-list? Cheers.

  9. Dear brother in the lord, thanx a million. It brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes to consider this great selfless service of yours. God bless you as you continue to encourage the body of Christ.

  10. Hi, thanks for the good work. May God Bless You! However, is it possible if the person who is doing this java application of Our Daily Bread, can help also to do the Our Daily Journey into java application? If it’s is possible, it will be cool as it may bless youth like me. Thank You once again!

  11. you may not know it, but you guys are doing more than a wondeful job here. i wish i could point every one i know to this web site.
    i have been in the business of distributing bibles and christian literature free of charge to people. you can imagine how helpful this site has been to me. now i share ODB and GO BIBLE on mobile free with every one that comes my way. thank you so much!

  12. There is no doubt this site will be a blessing to me and so many people in my place ,so i am thanking God for your life and praying that he will strenthen you the more

  13. What can I say but that this is er..a site in due season. Like so many people,I’d longed for an application like this.One that will enable me read ‘our daily bread’ and other devotionals on the go. God bless the brains behind this.This is evangelism on a different level.

  14. Thanks to the technology it made it easy and possible for us to bring anywhere esp for those people who are busy. Thnak you so much for all these. im so amazed and thank to the technology. This really helped a lot. God bless all of u who made this all possible…thank you thank you….

  15. Thanks bro,i use to hate reading the daily bread simply because of time,now with this mobile version I read it without fail.
    Thank you for making life easier.
    God Bless.
    Jmes fr Malaysia.

  16. Thanks for the December issue. Keep it free at simple. I gave ODB to my friends and they were all surprise about the application. One of the best we’ve had. Merry Christmas!

    We like to start the Filipino Version.

    Mabuhay at Pagpalain nawa ang lahat.

  17. i love the great work you are doing here and it works on all the platforms i use. God richly bless you for all you are doing. shalom

  18. This is awesome, having my fragrant devotion straigth from my SE w810i, Pray God to bless thee richly, for this lovely free spread of the word… ODB thanks.

  19. I have come to love ur site and all that is contained in here. I must say the site is the greatest thing that has happened to me this new year. I wake up with full level of invigoration as a result of what am able to digest into ma system each morning.

    The sweetest part of the application is the convenience and portability of this software for fons. In our local languauge, we will say “why couldn’t somebody come out with this long ago”. As Xtians we say everything happens in His own right time.

    What really happened was that I sent an SOS message on one of the sites when i was frustrated to get such software for fons, then someone i wld 4eva be grateful and full of praise from Philipines came to my aid.

    First with the daily bread for Nov, 06. then for Dec, 06 then I said she shoulh help me get the web site so i wld be able to fetch the files myself as and when it is released and BINGO, 28th Dec, 06 I received the mail showing me the site or better still, “the SIGHT” and it had been a forward march for me ever since.

    I managed to introduce few freinds to the site so they equally be blessed and received applause upon applause for the kind gesture.

    Unfortunately, not so many people have the privilege of one, access to PC and two, if they do have PCs, access to the Internet or GPRS on fons for that matter is a big problem.

    For me, my little help in overcoming this problem was to be able to share the application from my fon to other fons via IrDa or Bluetooth Connection or MMS but to my amazement all such file are rigidly protected to prevent such transmissions. My humble appeal is simple, that since we are moved by one objective and passion to spread the Word of God, you should take second look at this policy so that fon application files could easily be passed on for other users who are confronted by the above obstacles to benefit from.

    Thank you so much and God richly bless you for this giant stride you’ve taken in the bid to spread the Gospel. Happy new year to you all.

    For the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and the furtherance of His Kingdom.

  20. Hi Nana,

    It’s great to hear from you and how the mobile devotions has been a blessing to you. This really encourages and motivates me to continue making this web site and the mobile devotions a blessings to more people.

    As for sharing the application from one cell phone to another, there’s no protection added to the application to prevent it from being shared in any way. I think the prevention of sharing java applications is built into the cell phone itself. I guess the only way to share the java applications is still to download it from the website to a PC and transfer it to a cell phone or to use GPRS to download directly to the phone.

    If anyone know of a way to transfer the java application from phone to phone, do drop a comment here to share on how it can done.


  21. I have been using our daily bread to feed my spirit daily since 1982, I carried a copy to the Moscow 1989. I continued to receive copies from RBC and later from other sources till I completed my med. education in 1996. Coming back to Moscow in 2004 for specialization I brought a copy, which I have been using repeatedly.

    The desire to get a new edition preferably electronic was so strong on 31 Dec. so I started to search the net and after about a week I found your site, wow!
    Look, I send sms daily to my wife and friends in Ghana and Moscow.

    I thank God for giving you the vision to create this priceless site.Dear friend you are blessed! May our God grant you the grace to continue to meet the spiritual needs of brethren in Christ.
    Best regards.
    George Prah
    Moscow, Russia

  22. Hi Victor,

    Thanks so much for creating ODB in java format. It is something I always look out for every month now since I discovered your website last December.

    With some fiddling around, I have discovered a way to transfer java applications between handphones. I’m using a Sony Ericsson Z520. Within File Manager, I have an empty folder labelled as “Other”. Instead of uploading the usual way, I do a file “drag and drop” from PC folder to “Other” (using any handphone explorer program). From this, I’m able to transfer the jar file without installing it straightaway. Once it is in “Other”, ODB can be easily transferred to another handphone via bluetooth. I hope this method works for the rest.

    Victor, may God bless you abundantly for spreading the message! Keep up the good work!

  23. thank you for creating daily bread for mobile, i have been wanting to get one because i am always on the go, i used to subscribe to ure monthly since 1983 when i moved i forgot to send my new address so they just stop coming, again thanks it has help me a lot. do you have a free version for palm os so i can give it to my dad who is using an old version palm for his bible and wants a guide for it.

  24. I use to work in the middle east where Bible and other biblical materials are outlawed and until now I was wondering how I could bring with me some materials to read. I was delighted to see this site where I could download daily devotions from Our Daily Bread. Surely, this is one good reason to rejoice having the kind of technology that we have nowadays.

  25. Thank God for this site. May God bless you all who making all these possible and everybody who check this site.
    Now, I can read bible and devotion on my way to work (it takes 1.5 hours to my workplace).
    Lidya, Indonesia

  26. i want to thank God for making it possible for me to get our daily bread again and i also want to use this opportunity to say thank you for yielding yourself to be used by God. God bless and reward you in aboundance. Please i want to be like Oliver Twist who ask for more, i want to ask if there is a way to get the french translation so i can reach out to some people here in Senegal. Senegal is a french country and islamic country at that so it is difficult for one to get spiritual books here. Thank you very much for the excellent work the Lord is using you do in my life and in other people’s life.

  27. Nice to have the bible verses in my mobile . I felt a strange feel of being secure. My regards to all those who contributed this.

  28. I’m very fortunate to come across this site. Daily bread is a wonderful book. Thank you very much for making it into mobile format. Please do continue your work to make many devotional materials into mobile format.

    I’m sure God’s message will spread quickly through Mobile Phone.

    God Bless

    Thanks once again.


  29. Simply fantastic. I am short of words. Thanks for this devotional as it meets my immediate needs everyday.

  30. It’s a real blessing having this kind of thing on your mobile and bless your friends for every day. It is several months now that I use this java prog while in the army and the word touch my heart and my friends heart especialy those days when we have a youth revival in Israel and God does works. Thank you so much!!

  31. I am not sure you can fully understand and or estimate how grateful I am for your kindness in making the .jar application file for August 2007 odb available. I was able to download it today and I feel most honoured. I know users world-wide would feel the same way I do. Thanks for the prompt response, and it’s my sincere prayer that your fountain of compassion and goodness shall never run dry but abound exceedingly till we meet Him face to face to part no more in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  32. I’m Indonesian. I was happy to have Our Daily Bread in Indonesian language (Santapan Harian) so that I could download it every month. I was really happy to have this because it’s really easy, and I could bring my “Santapan Harian” in my phone anywhere. But I’m really sorry, because I can’t find “Santapan Harian” to be downloaded anymore.

    Note from Victor: The monthly Santapan Rohani will usually be available around the same time the monthly Our Daily Bread is made available.

  33. Hi! am Tanzanian, am happy with this mobile stuff, (our daily bread) it helps me so much in my faith, also helps my friends by sending them sms. The problem is that , sometimes it come with no option for sending sms, like Our Daily Bread of this month, september. May almight God bless you all who work for this stuff!

  34. Hey Thank you for this website. But lately because of improvements in site I’m unable to access the downloads from my mobile because the page became too large. It’s a lot easier from the web but my samsung D600 doesn’t allow me to install apps from the computer. Could you please make a seperate page for the downloads with no pics or for the month’s release only?
    Thank you.

    Note from Victor: There’s a download page formatted for mobile devices at http://www.fourteenfloor.com/mobile

  35. Hi, just want to thank you for making Our Daily Bread available in mobile format. =) I’ve been on Daily Bread devotional book since its maiden issue. It’s only the past couple of months that I came across this mobile format. =)

    I particularly enjoyed the option in the ODB mobile version wherein I got to send via SMS the quotation/verse of the day…but starting your August issue, the “option” to send sms is no longer available…I really hope you can put it back..‘cause the ODB quotes were inspiring the people whom I had sent via sms. Thanks and God bless! =)

  36. Thank you so much for your effort. I have been looking for such an application for a long time. Now the time spent waiting for the train will be put to a better use.
    Thank you again.

  37. Terima kasih buat programnya.. Baru kali ini saya menemukan aplikasi Renungan Harian.. Saya dapat membacanya setiap hari. Sekali lagi terima kasih banyak..

    Tuhan memberkati…

    Harrin Sitorus


  38. Dear Friends at Mobile Daily Devotions,

    I am the Rights and Permissions manager for RBC Ministries, who produce the Our Daily Bread Devotionals. The content of these devotionals is copyrighted under U. S. and International law and I do not have any record of your organization seeking or receiving official written permission to use our copyrighted material. What you are doing is a violation of copyright law, and I ask that you stop making our material available via cell phone downloads immediately. If I do not receive a reply from you on this matter, I am prepared to take the next step in dealing with the situation. Thank you in advance for correcting this situation, and I wait to hear back from you. Sincerely,
    Ed Rock
    Rights and Permissions Manager
    RBC Ministries
    616-957-5741 fax

  39. I am really sorry to hear that the December version is not available for download. May God help so that RBC will give you the permission to carry on with this wonderful application.

    This program has helped me walk with Christ. Before I found this program, I would always be lazy or too busy to even read the Bible. The program has helped me to solve this problem. Now, I will always read the Bible as my phone is always with me.

    I have a suggestion. Usually, I would take my time to understand the scripture. However, the light of my mobile phone goes off and it interferes with my reading. I know its possible to keep the light of the mobile phone on for a longer period of time. Please try to implement this feature into this already marvelous application.

    Regarding the comment by Nana Yaw, GHANA, there is a few ways of transferring the application by phone. By default, Nokia phones would not be able to send .jar files. From what i know, other brands like Sony Erricson should be able to send java applications. If it is not possible, the other way is to use a phone explorer program that allows sending. These applications usually would be able to find .jar files and send them. The last method is to use Samsung phones. From my experience, Samsung phones can explore other peoples’ phones through bluetooth. They can then retrieve the file and transmit it to others.

    God bless

  40. goodday sir,i really appreciate what you are doing and may God Almighty bless you!Amen. i don’t know how i can go ahead with my daily devotion without having myODB download on my mobile phone. i spend time reading it while in the bus, less busy in the clinic/ wardround or anywhere, since my phone is always with me and i also have a downloaded KJV bible on my phone.
    It is sad waking up this morning with the news that ODB IS NOT AVAILABLE for download,please i will be more grateful if ODB is available for download not for me alone but for everyone. remember not everybody have access to internet 24hours/7days/52wks/12-13 calender months. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! thanks alot

  41. sorry 2 here we cant get ODB for Dec it was very nice it helped in reading the Bible.
    What was the issue it cant b commercial? coz its already on their site
    but we continue 2 Pray u get the permission 2 do it GOD bless u 4 the gud wrk u doing
    it had bcome a routine 4 me.
    coz i cldnt get the internet daily

    is there a way we can Help?
    am frm Nairobi KENYA

  42. Fourteenfloor.com, you guys are doing great job in spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It saddens me to know that you are being prevented from converting Our Daily Bread devotional to a phone compatible software without charging us. If RBC is there to spread the Good news I pray the should grant you the permission to continue the good work.
    Your devotional applications have really been a blessing to many.
    I would daily be checking on the site to get the application for December if it released.
    I would be sending an e-mail to the RBC guy to plead your course. God richly bless you all

  43. Hi, I’m really upset at the people there at RBC. I thought they practiced what they preach. They should have commended you for your initiative and sacrifice which have benefitted a lot of souls.Anyway, I also wrote them a letter for legalistic approach which is very un Christ like. Remember, he who works for the Lord is by the Lord. I just don’t get it with them and their legalistic emphasis.

  44. I pray that God wold change the minds of the people at RBC so that the will give you the permission to carry on with this wonderful application. God bless you!

  45. I am so sad to see this come to an end. Having ODB on my mobile was a benefit for those times when I couldn’t read the magazine. I think its awful that rights couldn’t have been extended for the service that you are offering to many.

    I feel that RBC needs to move into the tech world and even congratulate you on the efforts that you took to increase their readership and provide an additional way to people to get spritiual guidance!!!

    Since Eric was so nice to leave his number in the comment field, I suggest that we all call him and suggest that he grant MDD the rights to offer ODB as a mobile download. It’s not like anyone is paying for it so no criminal activity is really taking place. MDD just did what RBC should have done… just sooner!!

    Thank you for all of your hard work on past issues. Being in the mobile industry having ODB at my mobile fingertips was a blessing.


  46. That is a major letdown. Ourdailybread had became part of my everyday life: wake up, turn off the phone alarm, read ODB, get out of bed. It helped me discover more Our Savior and learn to understand his teachings in everyday life. Mobile website access can’t cut it for me, i don’t have any sort of connectivity on my mobile. Praying so that RBC grants you permission to continue distributing the daily devotionals.

  47. I’m sad to hear that ODB mobile edition is no longer available for download. It helped me a lot. I read it daily on my mobile phone. I used to have ODB in book edition, but I could hardly keep up with it on a daily basis. With mobile edition, since I have my mobile phone with me wherever I go, I could just launch the application and read it. Thank you so much. You’re such a blessing to us… I’m positive that God will make a way…

  48. Es una verdadera pena que ya no cuenten con la autorización de rbc, estos devocionales han sido pasados de teléfono a teléfono de muchos amigos miembros de difernentes iglesias, lideres y pastores.
    Espero que Dios toque sus corazones y cambien de opinión.

    Spanish to English translation using Google Translate:

    It is a pity that no longer have the authorization rbc, these devotionals have been passed from phone to phone friends of many members of different churches, pastors and leaders.
    I hope God to touch their hearts and change their minds.

  49. Hi I’am Dea…. From Indonesia

    At frist I know ODB only in the magazine. I had accept the ODB since two years ago. It’s was so distrubed me, coz I must brought the magazine every where. But two month ago my theacher told me that I didn’t need bring the magazine again. I was very happy that I don’t need bring every where that book, and that just a simple thing. What I need just open my cellphone and open the ODB mobile. Beside the ODB had the verses that we must read in that day.

    Even I only 14 years old, and I was in junior high school. My friends and me really need the ODB mobile, coz we always have home work to do, that was… write your daily devitional every day!!!! So I told all my class mate to download ODB mobile. That helped the very much!!!
    Until then It’s stop……
    It was very-very-very simple ODB, that was ODB mobile.
    That bless me very much

    Dea from


  50. I’m really sad that RBC Ministries stop the permission for this site to translate and spread them to everyone of us. I used to read devotion together with my wife, and I used the devotion from my cellphone while my wife read it from the book. My wife and I agreed that the translation from your site has better translation and much more comfortable to read. It’m really really sad and I really hope it is not the money issue that RBC stop the permission.
    For Administrator of this site, I give great appreciation and thank’s. I hope in the future it can be better.
    Thanks and Jesus bless us all.

  51. Thanks for the great job that is done on this site. You have brought joy to many people at no cost thereby fulfilling the scriptures
    “freely are you given and freely you must give”.
    To say the least, i was totally surprised and embarrassed at the way Ed Rock of the RBC took the issue of mobile version of ODB. Why all the threats. I thought RBC should be happy that God is using their ministries to bless all of us all over the world. I believe the reason why RBC decided to be producing ODB is because of the love for evangelism…I just hope that all this threats are not because of MONEY. God will help us as christians. I think we deserve more explanations from RBC since this site is giving it away free of charge.

  52. Dear Friend,
    You have a blessed site here, although ODB may not be available now I really appreciate your pioneering making a difference across the world.the way ODB publishers reacted is a bit of a letdown though.Thanks and God bless.

  53. ODB booklet has been a blessing to me many years ago up till now. I think that the main aim of ODB is for poeple everywhere by any means and through any language to hear the truth of the Gospel. If the Mobile Daily Devotion (MDD) is helping to do this through what he knows best (on mobile phones) free, I think this aim is realised somehow. But if some protocols need to be followed pls let it be done to keep this work moving on. I see ODB as Paul that planted and MDD as Apollo that watered – ICor 3:6-9. May God increase ODB to continue to plant for many to water.

  54. This mobile edition is a real blessing and a real pity that it’s to be pulled out.
    How about saving the trees & our future & let this mobile version be the future of ODB?

    Pray to the Lord for this to come true..

  55. I am very disappointed that Our Daily Bread is no longer available for reading on my mobile phone. I can buy the paperback version with 3 months of devotionals at our church for $1.00. Given that the production costs of an electronic version is even less, I would think they could sell this for half that or, GASP, actually give away content that leads people to Christ. I’ll be writing RBC separately to let them know my disappointment. If they are going to release their own version, then at least allow you to distribute the .jar files until they are up and running. What a shame.

  56. The problem with using RBC’s mobile device optimized site at http://rbc.gospelcom.net/odb/togo/toc.html is that it requires the cell phone user to have a data plan. Many people, like myself, only have a phone plan and cannot afford to pay the additional $20/month to get a data plan that would allow us to regularly access the internet via our telephone. I have sent RBC a separate email expressing my disappointment. It would be nice if they would allow you to produce and publish .jar files until they make them available for download on their own website. Thanks for providing this and other daily devotionals for download to our phones. I have been blessed by your ministry and on several occasions have used the daily devotionals that I have read as talking points in church and other committee meetings. God bless you. – Mark

  57. your devotional…our daily bread is about the most edifying and i used to share it out via mobile to my colleagues and i’m sure they were blessed because each month they came asking.
    I wish i could continue sharing God’s word this way but hear u stopped mobile downloads

  58. We thank God for giving you the vision to create this great site like this.
    Please keep ODB available on mobile phones, because I have non-believers asking for it too.
    God Bless you

  59. I am a person who is on the move away from home atleast 200days in the year. ODB on the mobile was such a blessing. I have the KJV downloaded to my hand set. It was a blessing to have the Bible and ODB in my pocket all the time via my cell phone. I hope you will have the copyright issues resolved so that the download version would be available once again very soon. Its a real blessing!

  60. Hi, I’ve download TGIF from your site and it’s running fine on my cellphone, thanks for the hard work.
    But I always get error when installing jad/jar file from Our Daily Bread RBC Ministries official site to my cellphone, which is Sony Ericsson K770. Is there any special setting that should be changed on my cellphone?


  61. Great Work that you are doing. Its so inspirational I read it daily when going to work and every application suits my daily challenges and needs and I share this with colleagues at work,…. You are a blessing and Thank you for this great work.

  62. One cool and easy way to get Our Daily Bread’s daily passage is to use their email feature. I may be wrong, but I did not come across an option that would enable a user to TXT, SMS or MMS the message to our mobiles. To get around that very easily, as ODB– again- DOES offer daily EMAILS… just:

    Use your cellphone’s EMAIL ADDRESS! Every cellphone has an accompanying email address- which I never see the major carriers promote or advertise- but they have them! This allows you to receive information, just like a text, however it gets around the issue of receiving info to a non-pda. For instance, if your Verizon number is: 555-123-4567… your Verizon mobile EMAIL will be 5551234567@vtext.com …. just enter in your respective mobile carrier email address that is associated with your number at:

    http://www.rbc.org/odb/email/ so then you will get ODB everyday- right to your mobile!

    If you have an ATT WIRELESS mobile phone and your number is, F O R E X A M P L E: 555-123-4567 … your email address for that mobile is going to be: 5551234567@txt.att.net (for text only) and then 5551234567@sms.att.net (for short messaging service) and then 5551234567@mms.att.net (for multimedia emails). This info is all over the internet if you search (for all companies). Note I am in the United States. On the ATT Wireless site- they only listed the ‘txt’ extension… I just thought to try the ‘sms’ and ‘mms’ alternate addresses myself- and they work just fine for receiving each respective type of message! Again- check for costs- I have an UNLIMITED everything type of plan- so I have no fees for any of this- please check your plan by calling the customer service of your mobile carrier.

    I have never been charged to do this with either Verizon or ATT with my plans with either. But- check to see if you will be charged and/or how the carrier treats an incoming ‘email.’ ALSO– note that you can use this email to SEND… to any email in the world! A neat way to get around sending international ‘TXT’ messages without breaking the bank. But- double check the rates- again- I don’t think they are treated different than TXTs in a billing aspect. Also- check to see what your carrier allows and/or is capable of when sending/receiving emails in terms of multimedia like pictures/video/etc. I know that my basic ATT phone receives images just fine from my hotmail email- when sent from my computer. Just play around and see what your phone and carrier is capable of doing! And again- I don’t think it is an issue- but always double check if your carrier or your plan allows this for free or charges you. I hope that I’ve helped even just one person receive the ‘Bread’ conveniently and on a consistent basis. Let’s face it, we are a cell phone nation and a cell phone world- why not use those little machines to strengthen our faith while we are at it! GOD BLESS! (I tried my best and I’m confident most of you won’t have any difficulties using your cell ‘EMAIL’ as a substitute for ‘TXT’ ‘SMS’ or ‘MMS’- again again 😉 ) DOUBLE CHECK with your carrier and experiment to see what works for you and what costs are if any.

    • Hi Curtiss, Sorry, can’t help you on the daily bread app for the iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone. However, I’m working on an iPhone/Android optimized mobile web view for daily devotions over at http://www.jarss.com/show/iui/. If you have the ebook reader, Stanza, on your iPhone, you can also try out the daily devotionals in epub format over at http://www.jarss.com/.

  63. Hi Victor,
    For so many months, I have not bn able to install ODB from the official site unto my phone. (I was using this same phone the ODB from this site) I bought another phone and installed ODB on it, but was disappointed at the presentation format. So I wrote to them. Below is what I wrote. Please HELP THEM TO IMPROVE UPON THE PRESENTATION. GOD RICHLY BLESSES YOU.

    The Almighty blesses you for the good work you are doing.
    The mobile version of Our daily Bread (JAVA) is not reader friendly, I think more can be done on it presentation. I was using SonEricsson phone, but ever since you started the mobile version of ODB it has NEVER get installed on my phone. I currently bought a new java enable phone, got ODB installed, and am very disappointed at the presentation format.
    THE WORD OF GOD IS TO BE SPREAD, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with Victor Goh, to help. His presentation format was just wonderful. It makes you want to back to read.
    I tell others about this application, and the story is the same form them

  64. We were receiving about 10 copies of Our Daily Bread Devotional but had stopped. We want to continue receiving the same since we have family and friends that we share these with.

    Thanks. Our address is 1585 Cascade, West Covina, CA 91790.

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